Sweet Like Chocolate: Poetry in Motion" is a captivating and soul-stirring celebration of black love. This artistic production brings together the powerful mediums of poetry, music, and dance to create an immersive experience that celebrates the beauty, resilience, and depth of love within the black community.
Through the artistry of spoken word poetry, Dr. Karen Moore weaves together heartfelt verses that explore the various dimensions of black love. Her words are rich with emotion, painting vivid portraits of passion, tenderness, strength, and connection. The poetry serves as a vessel to express the joys, challenges, and triumphs of love, while honoring the unique experiences and histories of black individuals and relationships.
Accompanying the poetry are enchanting melodies and rhythms of music that create a melodic backdrop to the spoken words. Soulful vocals, rhythmic beats, and melodic instruments intertwine to evoke a range of emotions, further enhancing the narrative of love's journey. The music serves as a harmonious companion to the poetry, creating a multi-sensory experience that resonates with the audience's hearts and souls.
To complete this celebration of black love, dynamic and expressive dance performances take center stage. Dancers fluidly translate the emotions, stories, and rhythms of the poetry and music into captivating movement. Their choreography embodies the essence of love, exploring themes of connection, intimacy, trust, and resilience. With each graceful gesture and powerful leap, the dancers bring the poetry and music to life, adding another layer of visual and kinesthetic artistry to the performance.
"Sweet Like Chocolate: Poetry in Motion" is a mesmerizing experience that honors the richness and complexity of black love. It is a celebration of the strength, beauty, and endurance found within black relationships. By combining the lyrical power of poetry, the emotive force of music, and the expressive artistry of dance, this production invites the audience to immerse themselves in the profound and transformative journey of black love, leaving them inspired, uplifted, and deeply moved.

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